About Me 

Hi, Jen Stillion!

Empowerment Energy Coach & Speaker, Spiritual Guide & Channeler 

As a leading Empowerment Energy Coach,  Speaker, Spiritual Guide & Channeler, and founder of the Luminous Power Activation Method™. I have helped clients and teams transform their vibrational energetic state and helped them reach new levels of joy and spiritual prosperity in their life and business. After having a successful background in choreographic dance, creating a music & movement program for children with The Young Music Company, and after putting into practice over 15 of years personal development & spiritual tools, I’ve been able to work alongside leading transformational experts, spiritual mentors, licensed therapists, and industry known executive organizations and bring my unique approach and experience to help them step into their personal power and serve as a spiritual and wellness facilitator. I now focus on creating impact through live speaking events, my podcast, and through coaching & reading sessions. 

I’ve helped hundreds of women like you around the world to confidently achieve transformational growth and reach new levels of spiritual awareness through empowerment coach and spiritual connection. Are you next?

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