About Me 

Hi, Jen Stillion!

Certified Hypnotherapist, Empowerment Energy Coach & Speaker, Spiritual Guide & Channeler 

As a leading Empowerment Speaker & Coach, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Guide, you already know I’m not a typical personal development or another life coach. You’ve done too many programs where they only promise you the surface level techniques and base level coaching… let’s go beyond that and go deep into your personal transformation, subconscious reprogramming & spiritual gifts. Lets tap into the realm of possibilities where all things exist BEFORE you arrive. Let's get you on the path of remembering who you are. Let your mind be free of expectations, heal past emotional trauma and set yourself up to longer fear of what you know you deserve! Time to empower yourself b*tch!

I’ve helped hundreds of women like you around the world to confidently achieve transformational growth and reach new levels of spiritual awareness through empowerment coach and spiritual connection. Are you next?

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